Friday, November 7, 2008

Mountain Cove Farm

Yesterday Sandra and I drove to Mountain Cove Farm located in Walker County, Georgia. It is over 1800 acres of beautiful farmland held by the county and State in their land preservation program. The Fall foliage was a wonder to see! The mountains were shrouded in a pale lavender mist early, but the striking colors became bolder as the day passed. We painted for several hours, then had a picnic under a tree. What a way to spend a glorious Autumn day!
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Susan said...

It looks like a very peaceful place. We spent several months in Walker county last year while my husband was building a bank in Rock Springs, but I have never heard of this farm. Love following your travels 'round the South!

bj said...

Susan, thanks for the nice comment! If you Google "Mountain Cove Farm, Walker County" it will tell all the stats, location, etc. It's a beautiful place to paint or photograph. It is so quiet and the air is fresh.