Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fort Mountain overlook

Yesterday my friend, Gail, and I had a girls' day out. You thought we went shopping, didn't you?? Actually we did...but not at the mall. We took an hour's trip across Fort Mountain from Murray to Gilmer County, GA. We just had to stop at this overlook and marvel at the rolling mountains, the layers of clouds and the endless colors of North Georgia in Autumn. Our trip took us to Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge. It's worth a trip to Blue Ridge to see this gorgeous land. Click on the image to show detail.
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Susan said...

That is a beautiful drive on a clear day, and it looks like you had great weather. Hope you enjoy your apples! Great picture.

bj said...

Thanks, Susan. It was a magical day...foggy then overcast then sunny with rainbows. Sun scattered trees popped out of the mist around every turn. We even saw a bicycle in a tree about 30' off the ground.