Tuesday, October 14, 2008

lunch time already?

Actually I don't have any idea about how to read a sundial. This one is in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. It's so easy just to glance at my watch or Blackberry to see not only the hour and minutes - but the seconds. We have digital chronometers everywhere to give us the most accurate time available. It's hard to imagine that just several generations ago the sundial was the premier timepiece.
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Deborah Wilson said...

Interesting...But it looks more like a compass to me..:)

I had to google sundials, here is a web page on the subject:
How to Read a Sundial
Goes to show how much basic knowledge our society has forgotten in the great forge ahead with technology. Should our electric plants and computers fail, we would be lost souls.

bj said...

Thanks Deborah! I'll research the article. :o)